'Prime minister to use NATO spearhead force to take out a newly independent Scotland'

‘Prime minister to use NATO spearhead force to take out a newly independent Scotland’

I read this article in the Guardian today, I started off being angry and then I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Here are some of the best bits:


“After paying tribute to the Labour MP Jim Dobbin, who died at the weekend, and congratulating the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for having sex, the prime minister pronounced the [NATO] summit a total success.”

“As early as September 20, a ground…

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Cameron’s & Clegg’s ‘Anti-Terror’ Package

Cameron’s & Clegg’s ‘Anti-Terror’ Package


House of Commons will sit for the first time since the recess at 14:30 BST today.

Cameron is due to give his speech at 15:30 BST on the ‘anti-terror package’ he and Clegg agreed upon over the weekend.

I am honestly concerned that the government & security agencies are playing up how severe the threat from returning ISIS soldiers is, as a reason to bolster their draconian measures with respect to…

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ISIS, Revoking British Citizenship and UK Domestic Terrorism

ISIS, Revoking British Citizenship and UK Domestic Terrorism

Revoking UK passports could be how we stop British ISIS fighters from returning to the UK

“British jihadists ‘should be stripped of citizenship’, says David Davis”

This was one of the articles I read in the Guardian on Monday morning. My first thoughts were, “well unless they’re dual citizens, that’s illegal under international law,” but none the less I read on and to be honest, I see where he is coming from; though let me be very clear, I am not saying I agree with him.

The Law


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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - What We Know So Far


Holy cr*p! Jake’s talking about a game again. Yeah, it’s been a while, and to be honest I don’t have an awful lot to say on the topic because to be honest, I don’t wanna get to involved in the CoD scene…but I’ve said that a few times now.

Yes, AW looks pretty damn good and it damn well better be since this seriously is the last thread for me as far as CoD goes. If this fails, I’m 100% done with…

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I met a Russian…and I brought up Ukraine

I met a Russian…and I brought up Ukraine


Whilst in Korea at SeoulTech for a 2 week summer school I met many people from many countries including: Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, USA and more. It was a fascinating experience and I have made some true life long friends both in the UK and overseas. However, there was one incident that left me totally speechless, which for anyone who knows me is a complete rarity.

Now before I go into detail…

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Day 5 - Thursday - Drums, Gangnam & 빙수

Day 5 – Thursday – Drums, Gangnam & 빙수


Hey guys, not many photos this time around. Woke up with a killer headache only to find out that we would be playing drums – very loud ones – called Samulnori (사물놀이). Here’s a quick video of the proper guys playing.

And here are the pictures that I have


I started playing these drums, a little more complicated that the others…mainly…

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Day 3 - Tuesday - Korean, K-Pop Dancing & Hiking (w/ video

Day 3 - Tuesday - Korean, K-Pop Dancing & Hiking…WATCH ME DO K-POP DANCING!!!


Wow! Today was one hell of a long, tiring day!

  1. First Korean lesson
  2. Did a K-Pop cover dance of Fantasic Baby by BigBang – video included ;)
  3. Walked up a small mountain to get to Namsan Tower

So in our Korean lesson we covered these


I knew most of these before I arrived. The vowels are across the top and the consonants on the left

Obviously I don’t have any more photos from the class so I’ll move on…

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Seoul Day 2 - Monday - The learning begins

Seoul Day 2 – Monday – The learning begins

So, no pictures this time, in fact we didn’t even really get up to much.

Started the day at 11am with introductory speeches from the dean and other staff, followed by a class.

The class began with some basic vocabulary and phrases that we would see in a film we were about to watch called Sunny (써니)…without subtitles -_-


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Seoul Day 1 - Sunday - Kimchi, League of Legends & Midnight Exploring

Finally finished my first full day in Seoul and what an amazing day it was. We started with breakfast:


Kimchi (김치), sesame leaf, cucumber & beef, some stuff, rice and soup

Holy shit Kimchi for breakfast!!! This place is definitely heaven.

After breakfast, Alice and So Young took us around some places in downtown Seoul, it was hella fun. Lunch was amazing, mandu (만두) and noodles, then we headed to…

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